O-1 Status

O-1 statuses designed for those foreign nationals who have and can prove “extraordinary ability in science, education, business or athletics.”

O-1 status can be requested for the duration of a project, but it cannot be requested for more than an initial 3 years. All extensions are granted in increments of one year.

The beneficiary must prove evidence of extraordinary ability or sustained international or national acclaim. This can be done by showing receipt of major internationally recognized award, such as Nobel Prize, or by documenting at least 3 out of 8 criteria. Please note that only meeting 3 out of 8 criteria is no longer a guarantee that the case will be approved.

O-1 extensions must include additional evidence proving the extraordinary ability of the foreign national.

Note: Most O-1 employees are also eligible for H-1Bs, so often NC State University will prepare an H-1B petition instead of an initial O-1 petition, or an O-1 extension petition.

To initiate a O-1 petition, the Department must complete the Department Sponsorship Form and Checklist, and the foreign national must complete the Foreign National Form and Checklist below.

Department Nonimmigrant Sponsorship Form and Checklist
Foreign National Form and Checklist

International Taxation

Please note that all foreign nationals employed at NC State University are required to meet with the International Compensation & Taxation unit at the time that they first become employed.  Foreign nationals are also required to notify this unit of any changes in nonimmigrant status, employment and residential address.  To schedule an appointment or notify this unit of such changes, please send an email to ictquestions@ncsu.edu.